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EAST LIVERPOOL — Among legislative items city council will be considering Monday will be a revised ordinance establishing the wages of non-union employees.

Council’s finance committee agreed during a meeting this week to forward the ordinance, which was requested by Auditor Marilyn Bosco.

At issue is a problem that occurred with the original ordinance which included provisions establishing pay rates based upon hire dates, which resulted in some recent over payments of employees whose hire dates were overlooked.

The revised ordinance includes no salary increases or changes in salaries except Bosco said she took the liberty of “rounding up” a secretary’s pay rate from $11.19 to $11.20.

Also, it was explained the position of planning director, paying $23 per hour, was added to the list of Community Development Department, in addition to the existing position of planning director/engineer, paying $27.66 per hour.

Mayor Ryan Stovall dropped what appeared to be a bombshell with the committee by saying this move was in anticipation of the loss of current planning director/engineer William Cowan.

According to Stovall, although he has not yet received a letter of resignation, he expects one soon, saying he has been informed Cowan anticipates accepting a position in another community by the first of the year.

Stovall said he has no one in mind for a replacement at this time but wants to be able to advertise the position if Cowan does resign and have time to perhaps hire someone before he leaves.

Finance Chairman Fred Rayl said, “It’s very discouraging that he’s leaving. He has been a real asset.”

Bosco said the ordinance retains some language regarding vacations, sick leave and longevity based on hire dates that should be looked at in the future, saying, “It’s a work in progress.”

Also forwarded for council’s consideration was an ordinance correcting the hourly rate of the distribution foreman, the result of the aforementioned non-union salary legislation hire dates being overlooked.

A lineman was overpaid by $1.39 per hour beginning in June of this year. He was hired Jan. 30, 2012 where, in order to have been paid the current rate, he would have had to be hired before Jan. 1, 2011. The overage thus far amounts to about $800, according to Bosco.

If council approves the legislation, the lineman salary will continue at the higher rate from here on, according to Rayl.

Also forwarded to council were ordinances adjusting appropriations and authorizing payment of vendors.

Among the appropriations adjustments was $5,000 from the Land Bank earmarked for beautification, and Rayl’s suggestion that he would like council members’ suggestion “where to use the money” prompted Service-Safety Director Brian Allen to remind him, “That’s an administration decision.”

This prompted committee member Brian Kerr to ask, “But, council has input, right?”

Allen said council can make suggestions and that 99 percent of the time those recommendations are followed.

The Land Bank also provided $5,000 to be use only for boarding up structures, according to the committee.

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